A downloadable Seagold for Windows

Seagold Unlimited allows you to explore the world on your ship and jump onto the islands. The player may discover some nasty enemies on these islands, that once defeated, give a gift of gold allowing you to upgrade your ship and restock supplies. As you get more gold you may buy some cannons, allowing you to take on some ships, worth a hefty amount once taken down.  --- Built in a week for University


WASD to move player

Arrow keys to move ship

Left click to fire gun, right to fire grenade

K to zoom out/zoom in

M to open the larger map

Z to bring up the first person "scope"

Q drops the anchor 

Go to the back of the ship deck to the doors and press F to open the shop

P to fire the Cannons once bought (*Small Bug, Cannons are worth 100 not 50 as the display implies*)

Moving the mouse away from the player raises the gone, closer moves it down (for hill battles)

Escape quits

Quick Tips:

Explore the islands, you be surprised what appears!

Invest in cannons, destroying other ships is worth a lot more!

Use the ladders to get back on your ship!

Your ammo crates are full at the start, this can give a early boost!

Dying looses all your gold and returns you to the spawn on the ship, be careful!

Install instructions

**Note, cannons are worth 100, not 50**


Seagold Unlimited - FINAL *Prices fixed* 155 MB
Seagold UNLIMITED.pdf 211 kB
Seagold Unlimited - ORIGINAL *Cannon Price Wrong* 154 MB

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